Message from the Founder

I bought my first sailboat when I got out of college in 1968.  It was small, plastic and inexpensive.  I kept it in the living room of my apartment.  I bought a book on sailing, and claim, only half-joking, that I read the chapter on how to sail out from shore, and when I got there, I read the chapter on how to get back.


As the years when on, and my budget allowed, I bought bigger boats, and went on bigger adventures.  These included a daysailer on Lake Erie, a Columbia 22 on Lake Ponchartrain, a Cal 29 in the Gulf, and a C&C 38 in the Atlantic.  I loved them all, and look back on them fondly. 


The boat in the painting is the Cal 29, with me at the helm, around 1980.


In starting this organization, I hope to share those joys with a new generation of sailors.  I’m hoping to bring together experts and craftsmen, who want to share their knowledge, with apprentices who want to learn new skills.  If you fit either of those categories, please reach out via our contact page.